We have had ASAPP’s insurance since June 2006. The customer service is excellent and when we need something always receive a courteous quick response. I have recommend several new companies and will continue to do so, as the rates are great too!Marc F. / Crystal Clear Pool Services
I joined ASAPP over a year ago, moving from another respected industry association. I was fairly nervous in making the change… and since that time?

I couldn’t be more satisfied with my decision.

All has been handled effectively and smoothly with all my commercial accounts and insurance needs.

Bonus is… no extra hoops to jump through that end up costing time and money.Mike W. / Owner/President, Blue Wave Pools

I think ASAPP is awesome! You have always helped me when ever I needed it. Very quick, professional and friendly.Coryelle C. / West Coast Pools Inc.
We have had a wonderful experience with ASAPP Insurance company. You have the pleasure of always speaking with a company employee when you call, and you are never put on hold. They have great customer service, and we are 100% satisfied customers.Blue Lagoon Pool Service
We are a 3-generational professional pool service family and we all belong to ASAPP. ASAPP is a great company to be associated with. The office staff is professional, personal and always ready to answer questions or provide information. Although we have never needed to use our insurance, it is nice to know ASAPP is there for us if we ever needed them. Through the years, we have had private business insurance plans and have been members of other professional associations (IPSSA) that provide insurance. ASAPP is the best for our business needs and provides all the services we need.Marjorie F. / Foss Aquatic Enterprises
I have no hesitancy in writing a letter of recommendation for Jessica and ASAPP insurance services. There are times I feel like Jessica and her teams are sitting in this office working for our company. They are always committed and willing to accept new assignments on our behalf without question.

ASAPP is the reason we’ve been able to bid competitively and win new contracts with clients.

It is satisfying to be able to give Jessica and ASAPP my highest recommendation for their exceptional services.

Keep those pools blue out there!Wiley / Pool Jr.

There are a few insurance providers out there providing coverage for the Swimming Pool and Spa Industry, none that can even compete with ASAPP. Our relationship with this company is unmatched by our last insurance provider (Providing services to Ipssa Members). When ever we need an additionally insured certificate or a new employee added to our account, we have always had quick and knowledgable service. Jessica has always taken very good care of us and our clients. We wouldn’t even consider leaving this insurance provider.

Thank you for all that you do ASAPP.Ryan J. S. / COO, Wet Feet Pools

I have been in the swimming pool service industry for over 15 years and have used a few different business insurance providers over the years. I can honestly testify that ASAPP has provided me with fantastic customer service, affordable prices, friendly and responsive staff members and has provided me with an all-around outstanding business experience. I would highly recommend them for your swimming pool company insurance needs.William S. / Pacific Blue Pool Service
So far ASAPP have been provided as very good customer service and value for money. I have not had to make a claim but have had questions regarding possibly making one and they have always gotten back to me promptly with all the information needed. Thanks, ASAPP team.Kevin H.
From my experience with you guys, I can say that every time I email or call you guys, you are courteous and polite. I needed to change the payment date and Jessica didn’t hesitate to do it for me. I also asked for my bill to be emailed to me, and you guys did it right away. I feel comfortable every time I call there because I know that I talk to a professional customer service representative. I work with more confidence that I have somebody covering my back. Thank you guys!!Miguel L.
I came to ASAPP a little apprehensive for it sounded too good to be true. No monthly meetings, no politics, no problem. So with Jessica’s help I joined and the experience was very easy. I have been a member for a few months and there are no gimmicks. Just great coverage at a fair price and a chance for further pool and spa education to make you a better service tech. I would recommend ASAPP to any pool guy, in fact I have brought ASAPP several techs. Just do it, you won’t be disappointed. And thanks for everything Jessica and ASAPP.Brian A. / Santa Clarita, CA
I have been a member of both IPSSA and UPA. Both were fine, considering the time I was in my career, but neither one comes close to the customer service you receive at ASAPP. I service a lot of commercial pools, which means certificates of insurance and often times other requirements that I don’t have a clue that their talking about. Jessica, at ASAPP, has always been available to answer our questions and talk to us on our level. If it is just a matter of a certificate being sent off, she has always been there to take care of it immediately and has even called or emailed the customer on our behalf. I have a number of customers that require us to jump through hoops before their satisfied, which reminds me of one particular customer that wanted more than I could offer so I told Jessica it just wasn’t worth it, and I was going to send them my resignation. Instead, Jessica asked if she could call the customer. I told her it wouldn’t work but to help herself if she’d like. Well, she took care of it, and I still have the account. Each year that same customer will email us a reminder that our insurance is about to expire, along with the extras that are needed. Jessica takes care of it.

I haven’t had any claims against me, so I haven’t had to use their insurance, fortunately. But if you want good customer service and help in keeping the customers you have, you really should try ASAPP. Everyone there is professional, helpful, and friendly.Phil Hand / All Hand’s Pool Service

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