Improving Pool Maintenance Department Efficiencies with Smart Service Routes

Improving Pool Maintenance Department Efficiencies with Smart Service Routes

Service is the backbone of the aquatics industry. Once a pool and/or spa/hot tub is installed, it needs to be serviced so homeowners continue to enjoy their backyard investment. In most cases, the service technician is the face of the business and is the customer’s regular contact; therefore, they should be punctual and exemplify professionalism on all levels. For some … Read More

Prevention is the Best Strategy Against Pool Stains

Getting the Stains Out The key is to take action before problems appear The causes of pool stains are no mystery: organic material, such as algae and tannins from plants, or inorganic material, such as metals, has become attached to the pool surface. Additionally, plaster pools can have grayish staining caused by occluded water (sometimes called hydration staining). But while … Read More

Pool and Spa Push-Button Control

Pool and Spa Push-Button Control

Technology Makes Backyard Operation and Maintenance Easy Swimming pool and backyard automation systems have come a long way in the last 10 years not to mention what they once were-basic timers similar to what homeowners used to turn a lamp on/off when they were away on vacation. Fast forward to today and now there are various systems on the market—from entry-level … Read More

Another Way to Sanitize Pool Water Without Using More Chemicals

Another way to sanitize pool water without using more chemicals

Today, industry professionals face a number of questions from clients on how they can use fewer chemicals (i.e.chlorine [Cl] and/or bromine [Br]) in their pool, what alternatives are available to reduce chemical odors in and around the water, and what options do they have in cases where children may have sensitive skin and develop rashes or hives in pools using … Read More

Selling the Idea of Less Work and More Fun

Many easy-to-use/easy-to-install smart control options are available to pool owners.

There has been a revolution in home technology gradually gathering momentum over the past 10 years. What started out as gadgetry for only the wealthiest or most technology-obsessed early adopters has steadily transformed into normal expectations for convenient living and peace of mind. Broadband penetration with lightning-fast speeds has now reached the majority of North American homes, meaning consumers can … Read More

Understanding Water Treatment Technologies

Understanding Pool Water Treatment Technologies

All water treatment technologies involve a physical change to the water that they are processing. The nature of the change truly defines the technology. Subtractive treatment The most commonly understood and frequently used type of water treatment technology is subtractive; something is removed from water for health or aesthetic reasons. Contaminants are physically removed from the water using a physical separation or adsorptive process. Within the … Read More

Water Matters: A New Standard for Pool Chemicals

ASAPP Resources: A New Standard for Pool Chemicals

Everyone is familiar with chlorination of swimming pools. This is a long-standing practice that has been used for many years to help improve the safety of swimming pools and reduce the incidence of communicable diseases associated with swimming in them. In recent years, however, there has been a proliferation of new techniques to disinfect and treat swimming pool water to … Read More

Troubleshooting Automatic Cleaners

Learn how to troubleshoot automatic pool cleaners.

With so many automatic cleaners in the market, pool professionals must know how to troubleshoot common problems and user-mistakes. This article provides troubleshooting solutions for pool professionals and retailers when automatic pool cleaners aren’t working properly. What causes automatic pool cleaners to flip or do wheelies? The water level in a pool is one of the most common causes for … Read More

Mind the Gap: Strong Teams Are Built Through Communication and Understanding

Mind the Gap: Strong Teams Are Built Through Communication and Understanding

While they have been around for years, millennials seem to be all the buzz in the workplace these days. What do millennials want in the workplace? What do they want from work in general? How are they different from other generations? And, the most common question this author has heard, how does one even communicate with millennials? To answer these … Read More