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Buy Oxymetholone buy in UK legally He started doing kettlebell workouts and it was the first fitness routine he was able to stay consistent with in years. Listen to an interview with the creator of the Big 5 workout, Doug McGuff, MD, on this episode of the Bulletproof Radio podcast. Check out Klokovs 150-kilogram (330. Zappos has super fast shipping, … Read More

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The Intricacies of Automated Chemical Controllers

Advances in chemical automation, disinfection methods, and better education have made the aquatic facility operator’s job easier when ensuring pool water is safe for bathers.

Proper water balance in commercial pools and spas can be the difference between a safe, attractive facility and a disastrous one. Advances in chemical automation, disinfection methods, and better education on the problems associated with water chemistry have made the aquatic facility operator’s job easier when ensuring pool and spa water is safe for bathers. Oxidation reduction potential (ORP)/pH controllers … Read More

Tips on How to Find the Right Workers and Keep Them on Staff

Employee retention is all the buzz these days in the pool and hot tub industry—and rightfully so.

Some professionals looking for employment in the pool and hot tub industry often contemplate taking training programs, but do not simply because he/she does not have the time. At the same rate, many employers in the industry find they are hiring for the same positions year after year, season after season. That said, there is a way to put an … Read More

Today’s Pool Heaters Reduce Costs Using ‘Green’ Technology

Replacing pool heaters is the perfect place to start in the effort to lower facility operating costs.

The buzz words today are all about saving costs and being ‘green’ or energy-efficient. With pool heaters, it is easy to go green. Older heaters, between seven and 10 years old, may have initially been approximately 78 percent efficient, but over time, they are now probably only 60 percent. This degradation typically occurs as heat exchanger tubes become clogged with … Read More

Tips and Tricks for Identifying and Treating Tough Algae

Some pool algae are easy to treat and remove; however, other types can be quite challenging to deal with.

Some algae are easy to treat and remove; however, other types can be quite challenging to deal with. The three main types are green, black, and yellow/mustard algae. Green algae is relatively easy to eradicate, but yellow/mustard and black algae are difficult to kill and, as a result, can make the job of a pool service professional difficult. Green algae … Read More

How Service Techs Can Use Automatic Cleaners to Their Advantage

Service technicians who incorporate robotic and battery-powered pool cleaners into their daily maintenance routines can gain an additional five to 10 minutes in a client’s backyard.

Savvy pool maintenance companies can increase their revenue streams by having their technicians take some time to look around the client’s backyard for additional sales opportunities. Rather than waiting for something to break, maintenance professionals should look for ways to enhance their client’s pool experience and, as a result, earn more income by selling them products such as pool cleaning … Read More

Why Smart People Can Make Bad Business Decisions

Every organization consists not only of individuals, but a hierarchy of power among those individuals. No matter how noble the group’s goal, there is often a struggle for power beneath the surface.

Companies in the pool and spa industry are facing an ironic problem. Success depends on the quality of everyday decisions made by people in the company. However, people have hardwired flaws in their thinking that are reinforced by a multi-tasking, time-constrained environment. In fact, many companies are doing little to help improve their employees’ quality of thinking and instead, in … Read More