Best Practices for Automatic Safety Cover Care and Maintenance

By minimizing the drop to water, the automatic safety cover system will run with less sag and operate more smoothly.

Automatic safety covers are gaining popularity, largely due to the many options which allow them to be installed on pools of various shapes, sizes, and designs, but also because of the great benefits they provide the homeowner, including safety, savings, and convenience. Automatic covers that have been tested and comply with¬†American Society for Testing and Materials¬†(ASTM) safety standard are considered … Read More

The Fundamentals of Working with Sand Filters

Of all the other types of filters (e.g. cartridge, diatomaceous earth), sand filters are efficient with a minimum amount of required maintenance.

The three keys to a clean and healthy pool are circulation, chemistry, and filtration. The latter is commonly overlooked when problems arise, however. Circulation usually is not a problem since most pools are designed with properly sized pumps, filters, plumbing (pipes), and proper placement of skimmers, and returns. In most cases, water chemistry is the initial cause of problems, such … Read More