4 Tips for Growing a Sustainable Business

4 Tips for Growing a Sustainable Business

The following excerpt is from Wendy Keller’s book Ultimate Guide to Platform Building. Buy it now from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes In the old days, before online rating places like Yelp, TripAdvisor, OpenTable and even RateMyProfessors and HealthGrades, the worst that would happen if a company or service provider dished out poor goods or lousy service is that they’d get a bad reputation. … Read More

Innovations in Hot Tub Water Treatment Brighten the Industry’s Future

Innovations in Hot Tub Water Treatment Brighten the Industry's Future

Throughout history, water has been considered an everlasting commodity. However, much is changing and worldwide water supplies are dwindling due to pollution from overuse and industrialization. Water is a necessity for drinking, cleansing, hydrating, agriculture, food processing, power generation and sewage transport; therefore, the further its replenishment becomes unsustainable, regulations dealing with its use will only increase. As a result, … Read More

Health Benefits You Should Be Sharing with Your Customers

Health benefits of jacuzzis and hot tubs

People have enjoyed warm-water immersion long before written history. In fact, many of the earliest habitation areas were established around natural hot springs, which allowed residents to take advantage of the benefits they had to offer. However, despite these facts, it is surprising that still today many people make little use of the warm-water environment for health advancement and preservation. … Read More