A Look into the Effectiveness of Below-Ground Solar Heating Systems

Below-ground solar collectors can pull the heat energy absorbed by hardscape (e.g. stone, bricks, pavers, wood) surfaces and use it to heat pool water.

Everyone knows pool heating can be costly for homeowners—especially if the pool is not being covered. As a result, many are making the move towards sustainable technologies such as solar energy. For most, when thinking of solar energy an image of large solar panels may come to mind. Very few think of invisible solar heating because it is a relatively … Read More

Slatted Pool Covers Eliminate the Confines of Symmetrical Designs

Manufacturing and market demand for slatted covers in North America increased in the early 2000s, as they were recognized as a viable option for the pool and spa/hot tub industry.

While still considered a niche component of the pool, automatic covers are gaining popularity thanks to their ability to reduce the operating costs of a pool and/or spa with the rising costs of energy, and water consumption in arid climates. In fact, for many builders, the automatic cover is as an important piece of equipment as the pump and filter, … Read More