Working with Inaccessible Indoor Pool Mechanical Rooms

Many indoor pool managers will inevitably face the challenge of replacing the dehumidification system at their facility. There are hundreds if not thousands of commercial aquatic facilities in North America. The majority of these indoor pools either surpass 10 years of age or use refrigerants that are being phased out or are banned, which accelerates their obsolescence. Upgrading these facilities … Read More

How to Create a Seamless Sales Experience with Omnichannel Marketing

Today’s consumer is changing at a rapid pace. The majority of the population now carries smartphones—some having more processing power than a desktop computer.

Roughly 25 years ago, sales “funnels” were all the rage in the specialty pool and spa/hot tub industry. There were sales funnels about the path to purchase that spoke about different customer touchpoints, and there were marketing funnels that showed the more money that was poured into the top of the funnel, more sales would pour out the bottom. Today, … Read More

Best Practices for Determining Pool Plumbing Schematics

Proper pump selection and optimal flow rates are extremely important to ensure proper hydraulics and to get the most efficiency throughout the entire pool or spa. It is also important to avoid ‘dead spots,’ especially in today’s pool designs which often have multiple curves, lazy rivers, inlets, grottos, and vanishing edges. Service professionals can also increase the energy savings for … Read More