Why Checking Calcium Hardness Levels Is a Maintenance Must

One of the more critical issues can be scaling on the surface of the vessel below the waterline, especially in hard water areas where the majority of inground hot tubs are finished in plaster.

As most in the industry know, the buildup of scale in a hot tub or pool can be a pain. Literally. Once the scale has formed, the only thing left to do is grab a mild scale remover and start scrubbing. After draining and several hours of elbow grease, some progress may have been made and the pain will be … Read More

Using Outside Air to Reduce Natatorium Operating Costs

Aquatic facilities equipped with dehumidifiers using economizer strategies will see improved indoor air quality as well as lower operating costs.

An indoor pool environment has greater requirements than a commercial building because of the higher humidity. If not controlled, the corrosive condensate that forms will destroy structural components, sometimes with disastrous effects. Further, the high humidity is uncomfortable for occupants and can cause chronic respiratory condition (i.e.┬álifeguard lung). To manage humidity, dehumidifiers specifically designed for the pool environment are used … Read More