Maximizing Pool Sales

Specialized pool/hot tub stores offer a live retail environment where customers can visit and become familiar with staff, not to mention the ability to touch and feel the products.

It is an exciting yet challenging time for pool/hot tub retailers and servicers. Challenged by the rising influence of Internet resellers, it has now become critical for businesses to transform and confront typical strategies of how to survive, succeed, and thrive. In the current retail climate, it is almost unthinkable for a pool/hot tub retailer not to have an Internet … Read More

Consumers Are Attracted to Businesses and Products with Sustainability at the Forefront

Efficient management of internal business operations related to energy costs is key to profitability in the new ‘green’ revolution. Changing out office/store lighting to reduce electricity consumption is one example; slashing just one per cent off will enhance profits.

How businesses choose to revolutionize their operations to meet the demands of the consumer will ultimately determine their future. Practicing sustainability can help revitalize a business, but first it must be understood, and embraced. Consumers have changed their buying habits over the past few years. Now they are looking for ways in which to modify their lifestyles yet still enjoy … Read More