Using Liquid Solar Covers to Save Customers Water, Time, and Money

If a service professional has ever observed steam coming off a pool, they have witnessed the evaporation process.

Water is a precious resource that everyone must work to preserve. Reducing evaporation helps conserve water in backyard pool environments and reduces the amount of fill water needed during the season. Industry professionals can save their customers water, money, and energy by recommending the use of a liquid solar cover product as part of their pool maintenance program. Also known … Read More

Seasonal Maintenance Tips for Hot Tub Retailers

Even in the cold, hot tub water chemistry should be kept at the same general levels as any other season.

For many homeowners, the decision to close their hot tub for the season is not as automatic as it is for most pool owners. Just because the leaves change colors and the temperature drops, it does not mean the hot tub has to be winterized, putting an end to the warm-water therapy season (at least for a few months). The … Read More

Best Practices for Maintenance Techs to Ensure Accurate Water Test Results

Common sense goes a long way in assuring a maintenance professional’s testing techniques will produce accurate, reliable, and consistent results.

Water balance in pools and hot tubs is a relatively simple concept. Take the readings from the most commonly tested parameters (pH, total alkalinity [TA], calcium hardness [CH], water temperature, and total dissolved solids [TDS]) and then use these values in a mathematical formula that produces a number. This number defines whether the water is corrosive, scale forming, or in … Read More

Equipping Pools, New and Old, with Remote Control Capabilities

Today, there is pent-up demand for homeowners who want smart controls for their pool.

This season, hundreds of thousands of pool owners will likely replace their pumps because either their current equipment has reached the end of its life or they want to take advantage of the energy efficient benefits of today’s new systems. Some will replace old single-speed pumps with another single-speed, but many will likely upgrade to a variable-speed pump (VSP). VSPs … Read More