Knowledge of Hot Water Benefits Can Lead to More Sales

Knowledge of Hot Water Jacuzzi Benefits Can Lead to More Sales

Promoting hydrotherapy is good for everyone. The therapeutic benefits hot tub and swim spa owners enjoy are vast—from physical to emotional stress relief to alleviating aching muscles and pain caused by arthritis. The list of health benefits are many, as is the number of people seeking relief. People are looking for alternative methods to traditional medicine to maintain health and … Read More

The Intricacies of Automated Chemical Controllers

Proper water balance in commercial pools and spas can be the difference between a safe, attractive facility and a disastrous one. Advances in chemical automation, disinfection methods, and better education on the problems associated with water chemistry have made the aquatic facility operator’s job easier when ensuring pool and spa water is safe for bathers. Oxidation reduction potential (ORP)/pH controllers … Read More