Seasonal Maintenance Tips for Hot Tub Retailers

Even in the cold, hot tub water chemistry should be kept at the same general levels as any other season.

For many homeowners, the decision to close their hot tub for the season is not as automatic as it is for most pool owners. Just because the leaves change colors and the temperature drops, it does not mean the hot tub has to be winterized, putting an end to the warm-water therapy season (at least for a few months). The … Read More

Best Practices for Maintenance Techs to Ensure Accurate Water Test Results

Common sense goes a long way in assuring a maintenance professional’s testing techniques will produce accurate, reliable, and consistent results.

Water balance in pools and hot tubs is a relatively simple concept. Take the readings from the most commonly tested parameters (pH, total alkalinity [TA], calcium hardness [CH], water temperature, and total dissolved solids [TDS]) and then use these values in a mathematical formula that produces a number. This number defines whether the water is corrosive, scale forming, or in … Read More

Equipping Pools, New and Old, with Remote Control Capabilities

Today, there is pent-up demand for homeowners who want smart controls for their pool.

This season, hundreds of thousands of pool owners will likely replace their pumps because either their current equipment has reached the end of its life or they want to take advantage of the energy efficient benefits of today’s new systems. Some will replace old single-speed pumps with another single-speed, but many will likely upgrade to a variable-speed pump (VSP). VSPs … Read More

Sun Care Best Practices for Pool and Hot Tub Professionals

It is important for outdoor workers to understand the risks of sun and ultraviolet (UV) exposure and know the steps to minimize their risk.

The prevalence of skin cancer is on the rise and not just in North America, but worldwide. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed the incidence of non-melanoma and melanoma skin cancers has been increasing over the past several decades. Currently, between two and three million skin cancers occur globally each year. One in every three cancers diagnosed … Read More

Putting Pool Filtration to the Test: The Time Has Come to Establish New Filter Media Standards

Putting Pool Filtration to the Test: The Time Has Come to Establish New Filter Media Standards

Cartridge filter manufacturers believe in making the best products available and know it is feasible to provide the industry with different grades of product based on the type of pool/hot tub, geographic location, what water quality challenges (if any) the customers are facing. Unfortunately, unlike other industries, the aquatics sector has a ‘one size fits all’ approach. That said, to … Read More

An Intermediate Look at Pool and Hot Tub Water Chemistry and Testing

To ensure the health of bathers and the life of a pool or hot tub, it is necessary to monitor a handful of water-quality factors on a regular basis.

Dealing with pool and hot tub water chemistry issues is sometimes confusing and occasionally frustrating because of the many critical components involved. A basic understanding of this topic is often not enough. Sometimes it requires ‘diving in’ a little deeper and gaining a better understanding of what it takes to maintain healthy, balanced water. The first key players in attaining … Read More

Filters Play an Integral Role in Hot Tub Water Quality

It is important to educate customers about hot tub water care and the importance of filter maintenance.

One of the most memorable hot tub water care questions this author has ever received involved the topic of filters. Years later, the conversation is just as relevant today partially because it not only highlighted the importance of proper filter care, but also the integral role they play in helping keep hot tub water clean and the jets flowing at … Read More

A Case for Borates: Maintaining Water Chemistry in Pools Using Salt Chlorine Generators

One of the primary reasons borates have gained popularity is its ability to control corrosion in a saltwater pool environment.

Electrolytic chlorine generators (ECGs) or salt chlorine generators became extremely popular about 15 years ago and have continued to grow throughout the U.S., simply because pool owners love them. However, as most in the industry know, some pool owners believe that after installing a salt chlorine generator nothing else is required in terms of water maintenance. In the short term, … Read More

A Microscopic Look at How the Pool Environment Affects Cartridge Filters

Under normal conditions, cleaning a cartridge filter using a simple garden hose is sufficient to remove a large portion of the filter cake.

A child drinks 44 mL (1.4 oz) of water every hour they play in a pool; therefore, it is crucial to ensure the water is clean. One major component to the cleanliness of pool and/or hot tub water is the filter. Today, one of the most popular media used to cleanse water are filter cartridges, which are typically made with … Read More