Pumps and Filters: Preventing Equipment Failure to Avoid a Shutdown

There are several best practices aquatic facility managers can follow to avoid some of the most common causes of pump and filter failure.

The biggest fear of any aquatic facility manager is a pool shutdown. Unfortunate events such as a fecal incident are impossible to control; however, a pump or filter should never be the cause of a facility closure. There are, in fact, several best practices one can follow to avoid some of the most common causes of pump and filter failure. … Read More

Digital Documentation: Moving Record-Keeping to the Cloud

Pool service techs or people who handle facility operations and maintenance—or a combination of both—can perform these checks using a web-based documentation tool.

How many managers know when was the last time he/she reviewed the facility’s day-to-day operational records? For some, it may be at the start of the season, while for others it could even be last year. In many cases, these records may not have been looked at since they were initially created. In fact, it is quite possible they are … Read More

Using Team-Building Exercises to Achieve Business Success

his author’s company developed what it called ‘The Puzzle.’ This team building exercise was used to help the business set and attain its goals.

Every company has goals, but does every employee know what they are? More importantly, do they know how to measure and attain them? It is easy to determine the top-level goals, but it can be challenging to make sure every employee can state what they are at any moment of the day. It is also difficult to create measurable sub-goals … Read More

Shedding Light on the Common Misconceptions About Chlorine Generators

Ultimately, saltwater chlorine generation is just another method to chlorinate a pool.

To fully understand saltwater pool chemistry one must start by separating fact from fiction, as many misconceptions stem from a lack of knowledge. The most common misunderstanding about saltwater pools is they are fundamentally different and do not use chlorine as a sanitizer. In reality, saltwater pools use a special process to create free available chlorine (FAC), but require similar … Read More

Video as a Marketing Tool: Why Businesses Should Use This Media Format

Setting up a slider track for a sliding time-lapse shot of a backyard pool and landscape project.

Chances are, many of you are business owners and/or managers, and part of their responsibilities, in whole or in part, is planning the company’s marketing campaign. This is not a simple task and is certainly one worthy of some serious consideration. In recent years, video has seen rapid growth and development with sites like YouTube recording 1.5 billion monthly users. With … Read More

Tips on How to Find the Best Talent

Finding the next generation of leaders does not just happen. A system has to be set up that encourages those with the willingness and ability to lead to step up and do so.

Great leaders always come at a premium, even more so when unemployment is low and talented people have more choices. That said, no matter the economic highs or lows, all businesses need great leaders to manage the ebbs and flows of the industry, as well as to strategically plan for its future. How does a company attract the best of … Read More

Knowing Who to Call When Dehumidifier Service Is Needed

Most indoor pools rely on a mechanical dehumidifier to maintain an environment that is comfortable for occupants.

When to service a dehumidifier and who to call are probably two of the most critical decisions that must be made for an aquatic facility, whether it is a huge indoor waterpark or just a small indoor pool. Most indoor pools rely on a mechanical dehumidifier to keep the environment comfortable for occupants. Typically, dehumidifiers maintain a 50 to 60 … Read More

How Pool Service Techs Should Respond After a Wildfire

Pool technicians and service professionals must take great care when handling pool cleanup responsibilities after a wildfire.

No words can adequately express the condolences felt for those who have suffered loss during the wildfires experienced in North America. In the case of active fires, the utmost concern should always be for the immediate safety of persons and property. The devastation of wildfires over recent years has been particularly extreme. The following is some advice for pool professionals … Read More

Social Media 101: How to Use Each Platform Successfully

Few people will stay engaged with a brand that is constantly pushing purchases on them—people want information that is beneficial, interesting, and meshes with their lifestyle.

Using social media marketing as a business tool is no longer an option. Whether social platforms are managed in-house or a third-party communication sub-contractor is used, it is important for the business to be present in this space. The pool and hot tub industry has an undeniable advantage when it comes to social sharing, as its products appeal to the … Read More

Using Liquid Solar Covers to Save Customers Water, Time, and Money

If a service professional has ever observed steam coming off a pool, they have witnessed the evaporation process.

Water is a precious resource that everyone must work to preserve. Reducing evaporation helps conserve water in backyard pool environments and reduces the amount of fill water needed during the season. Industry professionals can save their customers water, money, and energy by recommending the use of a liquid solar cover product as part of their pool maintenance program. Also known … Read More