Knowledge of Hot Water Benefits Can Lead to More Sales

Knowledge of Hot Water Jacuzzi Benefits Can Lead to More Sales

Promoting hydrotherapy is good for everyone. The therapeutic benefits hot tub and swim spa owners enjoy are vast—from physical to emotional stress relief to alleviating aching muscles and pain caused by arthritis. The list of health benefits are many, as is the number of people seeking relief. People are looking for alternative methods to traditional medicine to maintain health and … Read More

The Intricacies of Automated Chemical Controllers

Proper water balance in commercial pools and spas can be the difference between a safe, attractive facility and a disastrous one. Advances in chemical automation, disinfection methods, and better education on the problems associated with water chemistry have made the aquatic facility operator’s job easier when ensuring pool and spa water is safe for bathers. Oxidation reduction potential (ORP)/pH controllers … Read More

How to Train and Hire Temporary Employees

How to train pool maintenance - Pool & Spa Service Liability Insurance

Certain things are inherent to the role of operating a business: meeting with vendors, picking out a POS system and, of course, hiring that all-important staff. But before an employee is deemed fit for face-to-face customer contact, or even to spend days logging inventory in the stock room, he or she must be trained in the ways of the store. … Read More

Prevention is the Best Strategy Against Pool Stains

Getting the Stains Out The key is to take action before problems appear The causes of pool stains are no mystery: organic material, such as algae and tannins from plants, or inorganic material, such as metals, has become attached to the pool surface. Additionally, plaster pools can have grayish staining caused by occluded water (sometimes called hydration staining). But while … Read More

Understanding Pool Construction Terms and Techniques

Understanding swimming pool construction terms and techniques

When a client requests a concrete pool, spa, or water feature design, what they are essentially asking for is a vessel constructed of a mix comprising aggregate, sand, cement, and water that is placed over structural steel. One of the great benefits of designing a concrete vessel is the only limitation is the builder’s imagination. The execution of building the … Read More

Pool and Spa Push-Button Control

Pool and Spa Push-Button Control

Technology Makes Backyard Operation and Maintenance Easy Swimming pool and backyard automation systems have come a long way in the last 10 years not to mention what they once were-basic timers similar to what homeowners used to turn a lamp on/off when they were away on vacation. Fast forward to today and now there are various systems on the market—from entry-level … Read More

What Does the Future Hold for Pool and Hot Tub Automation?

What Does the Future Hold for Pool and Hot Tub Automation?

Imagine giving customers the ability to sit poolside on a warm summer evening, touching a familiar screen, and bringing their backyard to life in a way that suits their particular mood. One tap of their finger can transform their outdoor living space to reflect an ambiance or theme that matches the way they felt during that particular evening. Builders have … Read More

Another Way to Sanitize Pool Water Without Using More Chemicals

Another way to sanitize pool water without using more chemicals

Today, industry professionals face a number of questions from clients on how they can use fewer chemicals (i.e.chlorine [Cl] and/or bromine [Br]) in their pool, what alternatives are available to reduce chemical odours in and around the water, and what options do they have in cases where children may have sensitive skin and develop rashes or hives in pools using … Read More

Study Finds Swimming Grows Minds

Study Finds Swimming Grows Minds

Trying to sell a pool to a family that isn’t quite convinced? Hit ’em with this fact: Kids who swim are smarter. According to a recent Australian study, children who participate in swim lessons at an early age reach significant developmental milestones earlier than their non-swimming peers. They score higher in tests and are generally better coordinated. The research was … Read More

Mobile Apps for Pool and Spa Care Professionals

Mobile Apps for Pool and Spa Care Professionals

There’s no question that mobile apps are popular, and while no one knows exactly how many are out there, analysts estimate the number of app users is growing by nearly 30 percent annually, with 4.4 billion expected worldwide in the next few years. So it’s not surprising that mobile apps are flourishing in the pool and spa industry. There are … Read More