How Service Techs Can Use Automatic Cleaners to Their Advantage

Service technicians who incorporate robotic and battery-powered pool cleaners into their daily maintenance routines can gain an additional five to 10 minutes in a client’s backyard.

Savvy pool maintenance companies can increase their revenue streams by having their technicians take some time to look around the client’s backyard for additional sales opportunities. Rather than waiting for something to break, maintenance professionals should look for ways to enhance their client’s pool experience and, as a result, earn more income by selling them products such as pool cleaning … Read More

It’s All About the Customer

Lifeguards need certifications that span across first aid, lifeguarding, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

For those in the pool, spa and aquatic facilities industries, predicting and understanding future trends is the easy part—the tough part is applying and adapting behaviors to capitalize on those trends. As pool and spa professionals look to the future, one thing is clear: pleasing the customer, and meeting their needs, is of the utmost importance. What the customer wants … Read More

How to Get the Appointment

How to Get the Appointment

When a homeowner makes their first call to a pool/spa builder or service company, they are looking for the expert help only a trained professional can provide. Unfortunately, many of these potential customers, who are often eager to spend money on whatever they need to make their backyard getaways perfect, are met with silence. Calls are not answered. Voicemails are … Read More

How to Overcome Price Resistance and Make a Profit

How to Overcome Price Resistance and Make a Profit In Swimming Pool Service Industry

Like any good businesspeople, most pool and spa service providers try to do everything right. They hire service people with a good aptitude and attitude and give them distributor- and manufacturer-sponsored training. They promote their companies to the local community and make considerable investments in various marketing initiatives. Having put their best foot forward, a customer calls to make a … Read More