Embracing Green Technologies Can Make a Difference

Embracing Green Technologies Can Make a Difference in Pool Care

Adopting a socially responsible approach to green initiatives can help take the pool and spa industry to the next level. By committing to sustainability strategies and embracing newer technologies, pool and spa professionals can pledge to change their attitudes toward waste reduction and develop an energy conservation plan, opening the doors to new revenue opportunities and a positive, “green” public image. … Read More

Educating Outdoor Workers on the Dangers of Sun Exposure

Educating Outdoor Workers on the Dangers of Sun Exposure

A new infographic released by Deb Group underlines the risk of skin cancer for outdoor workers, particularly those in construction, and offers best practices for protection. The company, which works to establish skincare regimens for all types of workplace and public environments, made the infographic available as part of its annual ‘Sun Protection for Outdoor Workers Campaign.’ The graphic explores … Read More

How to Train and Hire Temporary Employees

How to train pool maintenance - Pool & Spa Service Liability Insurance

Certain things are inherent to the role of operating a business: meeting with vendors, picking out a POS system and, of course, hiring that all-important staff. But before an employee is deemed fit for face-to-face customer contact, or even to spend days logging inventory in the stock room, he or she must be trained in the ways of the store. … Read More

Understanding Pool Construction Terms and Techniques

Understanding swimming pool construction terms and techniques

When a client requests a concrete pool, spa, or water feature design, what they are essentially asking for is a vessel constructed of a mix comprising aggregate, sand, cement, and water that is placed over structural steel. One of the great benefits of designing a concrete vessel is the only limitation is the builder’s imagination. The execution of building the … Read More