Best Practices for Using Robotic Pool Cleaners in Commercial Pools

Robotic pool cleaners can be easily incorporated into the maintenance protocol of any medium-to-large aquatic facility.

Pool cleaning, namely brushing and vacuuming, is a science not an art. A pool (i.e. the water) is a living thing as it constantly changes. Beyond the water and the supporting structure, every pool is composed of millions of living and non-living organisms. Some are innocuous, while others are deadly. Pool water is exposed to every change in the surrounding environment—from … Read More

Increasing Profits with Custom Water Care Programs

For some pool and spa/hot tub companies, the service department is the largest part of the business.

Pool and hot tub service and specialty retailers across North America continue to report strong growth—from pool and hot tub sales to accessories and outdoor living product purchases. Despite this, the biggest challenge for most is chemical sales—or the lack thereof. The question many retailers have is how they can sell more water treatment products at a profit when competing … Read More

Developing a Successful Business Plan

A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) assessment is useful if owners take the time to carefully and realistically go through each step.

A clear business plan that includes goals and the means to achieve them is the key to running an efficient, profitable company. Business owners who keep their eye on the ball are more likely to complete a profit plan that assures a solid future. The fall and winter, when business starts to slow down, is the right time to reflect … Read More

Specialty Pool Care Programs Can Increase Profits by Providing Service Techs More Time to Investigate

Specialty Pool Care Programs Can Increase Profits by Providing Service Techs More Time to Investigate

Shrewd service professionals are increasing their revenue streams by taking time to look around the backyard for additional sales opportunities. Rather than waiting for things to breakdown, these pros are looking for ways to upgrade the homeowner’s pool experience, while at the same time increasing profits by selling cleaning accessories, replacing/upgrading old equipment, and offering advanced maintenance programs. To afford … Read More

Restoring Pool and Hot Tub Water to Its Original State

Restoring Pool and Hot Tub Water to Its Original State

Water has been under a lot of stress in modern times. Each year, the world generates roughly 36 trillion kilograms (400 billion tons) of waste, which, unfortunately, for many years ended up in the world’s rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans. According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), 50 percent of groundwater supplies in North America are contaminated with pesticides. Water … Read More

Creating a New Pool/Spa Service Program Can Increase Profits

Swimming pool and spa service companies can increase profits and market share by creatively looking at their resources and developing high-profit service programs.

It is important for pool/spa service companies to continuously offer new services to help increase profits and grow the business by distinguishing themselves from competitors. One way this can be achieved is by adding a water treatment program using specialty chemicals. Blue Water Pool & Repair Corp., a full-service pool and spa business in Orlando, Fla., is a prime example … Read More

Addressing Cloudy Water Issues in Swimming Pools

Water cloudiness or turbidity is caused by the introduction of suspended particles that are invisible to the naked eye.

Pool owners respond more intently to cloudy water than any other water-related issue due to its direct esthetic effect on the pool’s appearance. It can easily be identified by visual observation; any pool owner can recognize cloudy water and know it is an indication something requires attention. Where the difficulty lies for pool professionals, however, is diagnosing the specific problem … Read More

Dealing with Nitrates in Pools and Spas

Dealing with Nitrates in Pools and Spas

When a customer brings in a water sample complaining about an algae problem, pool and spa professionals must ask themselves which chemical parameters to include in the subsequent test. If their answer does not include testing for nitrate nitrogen, they could be ignoring a key factor. In fact, nitrate nitrogen testing should be considered in every situation with a potential … Read More

The Evolution of Pool Cleaners

The Evolution of Pool Cleaners

The swimming pool cleaner has been around for over one hundred years. These devices owe their evolution to imaginative tinkerers, engineers and designers from all over the world. Like swimming pools, there is almost certainly no single inventor or single swimming pool cleaner that has been recorded in history as the first such machine. However, by tracing key patent records, … Read More

The Intricacies of Automated Chemical Controllers

Proper water balance in commercial pools and spas can be the difference between a safe, attractive facility and a disastrous one. Advances in chemical automation, disinfection methods, and better education on the problems associated with water chemistry have made the aquatic facility operator’s job easier when ensuring pool and spa water is safe for bathers. Oxidation reduction potential (ORP)/pH controllers … Read More