Pool and Spa Push-Button Control

Pool and Spa Push-Button Control

Technology Makes Backyard Operation and Maintenance Easy

Swimming pool and backyard automation systems have come a long way in the last 10 years not to mention what they once were-basic timers similar to what homeowners used to turn a lamp on/off when they were away on vacation.

Fast forward to today and now there are various systems on the market—from entry-level to high­-end—and most can be retro-fitted onto existing pools and of course incorporated into new installs to operate a complete backyard oasis. Depending on what the homeowner is looking for, there are a range of systems available to meet the customer’s expectations and budget.

Today’s automation systems are extremely user-­friendly, allowing homeowners to quickly understand how they work, enabling them to operate their pool and complete backyard entertainment centre with ease. In fact, the homeowner can control everything from basic heating and filtration to pumps, in-floor cleaning, lights, spa blowers, water features, garden lights, and any other devices that can be connected to the control system, making the pool and backyard as automated and maintenance-free as possible. Most systems allow the homeowner to take command over their backyard via an onsite control interface (usually installed in the equipment room) or by desktop computer and most smartphones and tablet devices.

This means the homeowner can ready the pool for a backyard soiree from their mobile device on their way home from work, or even log in to their system to check to see if they left a light on. These systems will also notify the homeowner, and their pool service provider (depending on set up), about various water maintenance issues.

Hayward Pool Products OmniLogicHayward Pool Products

  • Apps available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices that provide adjustable favorites buttons and backyard theme functions.
  • New capabilities and patches can be easily created and installed.
  • Configurations can be restored quickly.
Additional Features
  • Pre-configured programming can be easily installed, and an icon-based touchscreen can be found on the base unit.
  • All capacities can be easily expanded and additional items—from heaters to pumps to lighting—can be seamlessly added.
  • Modular configuration provides flexibility and ease of ordering and stocking parts.

Hayward Pool Products OnCommandHayward Pool Products

  • Remote control (optional).
  • Ideal for retrofit of outdated time clocks.
  • Pool only, spa only or pool / spa combo installations with/without an electrical subpanel.
Additional Features
  • Automates up to four features, three valves, heater, solar, and external chlorinator controls.
  • Pool/spa light dimming relays.
  • Intuitive programming, easy-to-ready display.
  • Up to 75 percent energy savings controlling a two- or variable-speed pump.

Pentair Aquatic Systems IntelliTouchPentair Aquatic Systems

  • ScreenLogic2 software interface allows users to control pool/spa features on an iPhone, iPad, Android, PC or Mac computer.
  • Innovative technology with a wide range of wireless and wired control panels that are easy to program with simple menus to easily create and change programs.
Additional Features
  • Control and monitor popular salt chlorine generators.
  • Unique lighting animation when teamed up with IntelliBrite color lights.
  • Flexibility to handle from 5 to 40 circuits.
  • Feature circuits with macro possibilities to allow any number of circuits to be combined on a single button.

Pentair Aquatic Systems

  • ScreenLogic2 software interface allows users to control pool/spa features on an iPhone, iPad, Android, PC or Mac computer.
  • Built-in diagnostics include automatic verification of the display, microprocessor, switches, indicators, and various outputs/inputs.
Additional Features
  • Easy-to-use control panel built into the outdoor enclosure.
  • Full control of all pool/spa features.
  • Supports eight feature circuits.
  • All functions controlled with easy, one-button access from the self-contained load center or optional controllers.

Zodiac Pool Systems Canada Inc. AquaLink Z4Zodiac Pool Systems Inc.

AquaLink Z4
  • iAquaLink compatible to provide 24/7 control from any smartphone or tablet.
  • AquaLink handheld wireless remote (optional).
  • Convenient and easy to relocate wall-mountable onboard user interface.
Additional Features
  • Easy installation and setup.
  • Four relays control filter pumps, and up to three auxiliary circuits.
  • Spill-0ver and solar priority functionality built in.
  • Controls up to three valve actuators.

Zodiac Pool Systems Canada Inc. iAquaLinkZodiac Pool Systems Inc.

  • Can be used alone or combined with the complete line of wall-mounted or wireless AquaLink interfaces.
  • Free app for Apple and Android smartphones and other web-connected devices.
Additional Features
  • Create user accounts in minutes.
  • Capable of controlling multiple pools from a single app.
  • Global 24/7 control of any device connected to the AquaLink system.
  • Monitor and adjust all equipment, water temperature, and lighting.

Great American Merchandise & Events (GAME) ePool Smart SystemGreat American Merchandise & Events (GAME)

ePool Smart System
  • System uses a floating sensor, USB receiver and user-friendly software to transmit pool water parameters 24/7.
  • Easy to set up and use on any smartphone, PC or Mac computer.
Additional Features
  • Constant monitoring eliminates spikes and dips in chemicals.
  • Email and text alerts indicating what and how much needs to be added to the water.
  • Works on regular, saltwater and mineral pools.

LaMatte Company

Insta-LINK Mobile Water Testing
  • Uses color-matching software along with a SmartScan card for photo-scanning of test strips.
  • Insta-LINK HOME app for Apple iPhone and Android devices.
Additional Features
  • Helps read test strips and determine whether the readings are within proper range.
  • Subscribers receive step-by-step treatment recommendations directly on their mobile device.
  • Log in to website to view water test history and trends.
  • Access information from any mobile or web-connected device.

This article was written by Jason Cramp and originally appeared in Pool & Spa Marketing (April 2014) [link].