How to Install an Energy-Efficient Pool Circulation System

Correct plumbing design, pump selection, and optimal flow rates are extremely important to ensure proper flow in a pool system.

It is the pool builder’s job to make the client happy and to help them realize their dreams of having a backyard oasis, which is an important aspect of pool construction. However, the most important part of pool installation is what is below the ground and how it affects the look and functionality of the final product. Correct plumbing design, … Read More

Variable-Speed Pumps Are Not Just a Trend, They Are a Need

One of the biggest advocates for the energy saving features of variable- or multi-speed pumps (VSPs) is Energy Star.®

As far as clichés go, ‘going green’ is a good one. But within consumer markets, the environmentally friendly frenzy is often overstated. Many so-called green products are often overpriced and/or ineffective. It is no wonder why many consumers have become jaded by the green movement. Escalating energy costs and social awareness are still forcing everyone to be more responsible, however. … Read More

Maximizing Pump Efficiency with Variable Orifice Pool Returns

Since the introduction of variable flow technology and the understanding of affinity laws, many consumers, as well as energy policies, have started to focus on introducing energy-efficient systems to the swimming pool environment. With both variable- and two-speed pumps taking the lead role in this new ‘eco-revolution,’ both pool professionals and pool owners are asking, “Why is the industry heading … Read More

How to Improve Energy Efficiency in a Pool System

Properly sized plumbing and equipment will go a long way in keeping pool water clean and clear, as well as ensuring the system runs efficiently.

The ability to achieve proper water quality in a pool is a function of correct water chemistry values combined with an appropriately sized filtration system. If either one of these variables are lacking, the end result will be an increased difficulty in maintaining water clarity. Water chemistry, being a more interactive subject matter, is the first factor to look at … Read More

Best Practices for Determining Pool Plumbing Schematics

Proper pump selection and optimal flow rates are extremely important to ensure proper hydraulics and to get the most efficiency throughout the entire pool or spa. It is also important to avoid ‘dead spots,’ especially in today’s pool designs which often have multiple curves, lazy rivers, inlets, grottos, and vanishing edges. Service professionals can also increase the energy savings for … Read More